Top 10 Soccer Snacks – What to Feed Active Kids

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soccersnackSummer is on the way and that means soccer games, pool parties, beach days, camping, road hockey and neighborhood pick up basketball! What do you feed a crowd to keep them healthy, hydrated, cooled off and active?

Soccer snacks have become a sugar fest of quick, easy to purchase snack pouches of artificial flavours and colours that kids may love, but that are not the healthiest option.  Filling up on these types of foods doesn’t leave room for the nutritious foods kids need to keep going.

Our list of healthy on the go soccer snacks will keep your little athletes going long after the whistle blows. They are easy to prepare, easy to digest and fun too!

Top 10 Soccer Snacks

Top 5 Soccer Drinks
Too often the drink pouches are handed out like life rafts to kids playing in the heat of the summer, and while the sugar may temporarily give them more energy, this type of artificially flavoured and coloured liquid is just not healthy.  Water is all we need to replenish lost fluids. It is beneficial to replace carbs used in exercise and salt lost in sweating, but for most kids at the soccer pitch or park, a tall drink of water is what they really need.

To jazz up the water at your next soccer game, try adding some fun fruits and see it that doesn’t get them coming back for seconds!

Try these 5 Fun Water Treats
Citrus Shine – Lemon, limes, oranges all sliced
Raspberry Delight – Limes, raspberries.
Minty Fresh – Mint leaves, pineapple chunks
Watermelon Water – chunks of watermelon
Cucumber Fun – sliced cucumber

Add fruit and herbs to a pitcher of water and let sit overnight, for more flavour, meddle the fruits together before adding water to release flavours fast. If the water is not sweet enough, add a natural sugar such as maple syrup.

Alternately, add the fruit to ice cube trays and freeze with water. Add the ice cubes to a pitcher of water for something fun and colourful. You may not get the flavours out this way, but it still jazzes up other wise simple water!

Top 5 Soccer Snacks

Fruit Kebobs
– every kids LOVES this. Slice that watermelon into cubes and put on a stick with some apples, grapes and strawberries and you will hear the ‘ohhs’ and ‘awws’ as the kids race to the sidelines! Want a treat that is a little more fun? Skip the apples, make the kebobs with the rest of the fruit and then put them in the freezer. Take them to the game in a cooler and serve frozen!!

Frozen Monkeys – I see parents pull coolers to the game with artificially flavoured freezes, why not thickly slice some banana’s, dip & cover in melted chocolate, drop on wax paper on cookie sheet and freeze for 20 – 30 minutes (or over night) and then pop those babies in a cooler. What kid can resist chocolate and banana (to mention the carb benefits the kids will get from the banana’s!)?

Frozen grapes – yes we have a theme here of frozen fruit. Freeze a bunch of seedless green and purple grapes. They are fun and refreshing and melt in your mouth. Great fun to snack on.

Cheese with whole grain crackers or pretzels – cheese sticks or even cheese you have cubed yourself combined with pretzels or whole grain crackers can fill up energy stores and replace sodium lost while running the soccer field.  A much healthier option than processed baked products and a snap to prepare.

Gorp – by definition is a trail mix of dried fruits, chocolate and peanuts often taken on long hikes (trails!) to provide energy. Kids love different combinations of snack foods, so make your own nut free gorp by combining whole grain cereals such as shreddies, cheerios, and mini wheats then adding in some chocolate chips (careful they don’t melt) and raisons or dried cherries, blueberries or cranberries.

Stay hydrated and have fun with frozen fruit this soccer season and see if you become the Snack Parent they love!


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