The Best Kids Vitamins For Growth


There is a dizzying array of nutritional supplements on the market. The many choices and conflicting advertising messages can make it difficult for parents who want to purchase the best possible supplements for their children. Taking the time to learn the role of each of the most essential nutrients and why they are important can help you narrow down your choices. Although there are over a dozen vitamins that have been discovered so far, there are a core few that are absolutely essential.

Vitamins Your Children Need Every Day

A – You’ve probably heard that A is good for vision, but it also helps improve immune system function and is crucial to the body’s proper development. Vitamin A supports bone and tissue repair and wound healing and enhances immune system function to ward off illness.

B-Complex – There are several B vitamins, each with a specific function in the body. Collectively, they ensure that your body has the building blocks needed for growth, proper function, and a strong immune system. B vitamins play a key role in allowing our bodies to use carbohydrates, fat, and protein as energy. They also enhance the efficient functioning of the circulatory system and nervous system. The most important are: B2, B3, B6 and B12.

C – This little powerhouse contributes to connective tissue and muscle development. The most common source of it is fruit juices, but many children don’t drink enough each day to get the amount of vitamin C they need. Because the body can’t store this nutrient long-term, it’s vital to give your kids vitamins for growth that include C every day.

D – Sometimes called the sunshine vitamin, bone and teeth formation rely on vitamin D. Taking this supplement regularly will also protect your children from future bone problems such as osteoporosis as they grow older. It will also aid in the absorption of calcium, one of the most important minerals needed for proper functioning of the body.

Kids Vitamins For Growth Also Contain Minerals

Good supplements for children will also contain certain minerals that are absolutely essential for good health and proper development of the circulatory and nervous systems. Be sure to check the label when shopping for kids vitamins for growth; look for minerals such as calcium and folic acid.

Calcium works to promote strong bones and teeth and minimize any problems with broken or brittle bones in older adults. The best way to protect your kids against complications like osteoporosis in their twilight years is to be sure they are getting plenty of calcium now.

Finally, check the label of any supplements to make sure they contain folic acid. Folic, sometimes called folic acid, is a critical component of DNA synthesis and promotes cell renewal. Red blood cell formation relies on folic acid and the central nervous system can’t function properly without it. As young females grow and go through puberty, it’s very important that they get a good supply of folic acid, which protects them against anemia and can prevent neural tube birth defects when and if they become pregnant.

Buying Kids Vitamins For Growth

Don’t buy just any multivitamin on the market. Keep in mind that the nutritional needs of children are very different from the nutritional needs of adults. Check the label of any supplement advertised as kids vitamins for growth. If they have all of the vitamins and minerals in the above article, they are a good choice for your kids.


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