Do Kids Need A Multi Vitamin?

Posted by: , Posted Date: April 23, 2012

ik_web_200x200_2_caIn a perfect world your children would eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, prefer whole grains, enjoy lots of omega 3 rich fish, have a glass of milk with each meal and delight in balanced, healthy snacks. In reality, we all have some days that are better than others when trying to eat healthy.

When you add up the obstacles that can prevent kids from getting enough nutrients — picky eating, low food intake, illness, food allergies, special diets, hectic schedules – they are good arguments for adding a multivitamin like IronKids to your child’s daily routine.

The A,B,C’s to Good Health
Children love rainbows and learning their ABC’s.  They need both in order to get all the nutrients they require.  A rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetable and these ABC’s on the label of their multivitamin:

Vitamin A for your eyes, skin and immune system
Vitamin B for energy and red blood cells
Vitamin C for growth and tissue repair
Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth as well as its importance in your nerve, muscle and immune system
Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Remember, it’s the nutrients children need and not artificial colouring, flavours or sweeteners. Read the label carefully for the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients and choose one that is specially formulated for children. They differ from adults not only in their lower vitamin doses but chewable form that children can enjoy. To prevent children from getting too much, keep them out of reach as you would other medications.

Good nutrition for all ages starts with serving a wide variety of whole, fresh foods as much as possible. A good multivitamin acts like a back up plan and is a great way to enhance this balanced, healthy diet – not replace it.

Fruits and vegetables, high fibre grains and lean protein choices are key to healthy living. Have a picky eater? Your child allergic to anything green on their dinner plate? Can’t convince the kids that there is not actually fruit in that fruity rolled treat? Including a multivitamin alongside what fruits and vegetables you are able to get them to eat will help to ensure your children get all of the vitamins they need to be healthy and active!

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